How To Change People's Minds

The Problem.

The modern day phenomenon which is plagued with misconceptions and rumors, has long been overlooked by the public. With a lack of knowledge on the history, culture and motives it is easy to see why graffiti is considered to be a public nuisance. Many fail to recognize the artistic value and time that is invested into these works of art. 

The Sunshine Coast B.C. was the foundation where ultimately some of the best graffiti writers in Canada got their start. These out of the box thinkers were pioneers of their time, Opening new graffiti walls and inspiring new generations, yet Sadly the majority of locals are unaware of this deeply rooted graffiti history.


The Art Show That Changed Everything.

Ghosts of Graffiti.

Art enthusiasts Beau and Gerald had a goal in mind: to change people's opinions on graffiti and educate people on the local street art culture.  After two years of meticulously crafting a collection of over twenty pieces of modern art, all of the images compiled from local graffiti walls displaying the effects weather has on graffiti over time.  Each canvas was infused with augmented reality to give the art an interactive aspect in the gallery. 

In the main showroom at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery,  Paired with white walls and clean shiny floors the twenty bold life sized canvases gave people a new perspective on graffiti. For most it was the first time seeing graffiti inside an art gallery rather than in an alley or on the side of a building. At first glance any suggestion of vandalism is blown away 

Opening night featured artists Ben Tour and Dean Schutz: Two very established and well respected artists in Canadian street art. The pair demonstrated two live paintings on a large easel in the middle of the gallery floor. The live paintings were a visual learning experience for viewers, allowing them to recognize the talent and passion these artists invest into their work. 

Ghosts of Graffiti was said to be “one of the most conceptually innovative art exhibits ever to be staged on the Sunshine Coast”


Many people often jump to conclusions about certain subjects that they know very little about, in this case it’s graffiti, so it’s easy to understand why the misconceptions and rumors from the public spread so quickly. It often gives people a biased opinion and turns them away from appreciating the time that is put into most of these pieces you see on legal walls in towns and cities around the world. Through education and introducing people to a certain subject in a new and exciting way, you can begin to open their minds,  change their views, and opinions. In order for us to do that we created an abstract form of graffiti, by displaying the pieces in a gallery we exposed graffiti in a less intimidating way. Showing people that graffiti isn’t just vandalism, it’s a legitimate art form that has transformed into a modern day phenomenon.