The Future of Art and Graffiti - Augmented Reality and Interactivity



If you have ever been to an art gallery or museum you probably only spent 30 seconds looking at a painting. That's the average amount of time a person spends gazing at a piece of art. 

Augmented Reality is changing that, Allowing people to make the art come to life whether it's in a gallery or on the streets. By using a selected AR app viewers are able to recreate the art work just by using their smartphone. Whether it creates 3D effects or simple motion tracking the interactive aspect greatly increases the time people spend admiring the art by at least 1-2 minutes, also boosting the excitement and connection people have with your art. 


Our Current Collection 

With our current collection we have incorporated Augmented Reality, using simple motion tracking. Anyone who has one of our canvases will be able to recreate the art in their own home by using the app EYEJACK . This is a step forward for wall art yet it's only scratching the surface. As we move forward we hope to continually advance our AR features with every collection. 

The link below is a short video showing the augmented reality in action.


Virtual Reality

With virtual reality moving into the graffiti world we expect this to have a huge impact on future generations, The endless possibilities of innovation in the gaming industry will soon open up new opportunities for up and coming graffiti artists. Much like Instagram having an impact on the way writers share photos, network and collaborate, we feel VR will have a Major effect on where younger generations draw inspiration from, how they develop styles and incorporate new  methods and techniques. Most importantly in the years to come we are eager to see whether or not graffiti will be less on the streets and more on the screens.


Ghosts of Graffiti 

Our latest exhibit featured the Virtual Reality graffiti game  Kingspray by . Guests were able to paint their very own graffiti piece on the gallery walls in VR. 

check out the link below to see how graffiti artists are transforming graffiti culture by using Virtual Reality.

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