The Graffiti Museum Company is based out of Gibsons, British Columbia. Started in 2018 by founders Beau Smith and Gerald Shaffer, this exclusive art company has began to transcend the way people look at graffiti.
Beau and Gerald met at Molly's Lane, a legal graffiti wall in Gibsons. After talking for only 10 minutes they recognized the appreciation both of them had for the local graffiti culture. The project started as a history book, compiled with images and local graffiti history. From there they leveraged the images they had to create a form of modern art. The public tends to turn a blind eye to graffiti, not knowing the history, methods, and culture creates many misconceptions.
After coming to this realization they figured if they could take graffiti off of the streets by using abstract images and put them in art galleries and museums they would create a perfect segway for people to start admiring the culture and wanting to learn more about it.
These images you see are documented and archived from graffiti walls across the world. Made exclusively for you to enjoy.