Graffiti Wall Art
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Graffiti Wall Art

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Become immersed into the underground subculture of graffiti. Rich, in over twenty years of street art history from the iconic Molly's Lane graffiti wall in Gibson's B.C.

These larger than life canvases will bring a modern vibe to any space. Each piece of art is mounted on a handcrafted frame from the Graffiti Museums workshop, providing you with a high quality and long lasting product.

Something special... This collection was crafted over a period of two years. When we decided to release it to the public we wanted to stay true to the graffiti culture. Most graffiti pieces don't last long, they get painted over quickly or they either fade away from the elements. In other words you can say they're "limited". So that's exactly what we did with this collection, we created a very limited supply.

So limited that each canvas is 1/1. Once they're gone They're gone and you could be the one person to have it.

To top it off we even went ahead and Infused a hidden augmented reality feature in each canvas. But we aren't going into detail about that, because only the ones that receive a canvas are allowed access to the codes and instructions

The Culture.

The modern phenomenon, the public nuisance, and the sub culture plagued with misconceptions. Having no barriers or guidelines and the freedom to paint anywhere, the youth of the 80's pioneered an art from so raw and groundbreaking it has reached every corner of the planet. A movement you need to be apart of to truly understand. 

Ghosts of Graffiti inspiration.

Meticulously put together over the span of 2 years, the inspiration for this collection came from the deep appreciation founders Beau Smith and Gerald Shaffer had for their local graffiti culture. Taking Graffiti off of the streets and putting it into galleries they figured they would be able to help people understand and admire graffiti. This Limited collection consists of twenty large scale pieces of modern art full of color, history and a deep insight to the world of graffiti. 

Augmented Reality.

Every canvas is infused with Augmented Reality. These interactive art pieces are the first of their kind, The AR key Code is available on our AR page in the menu, simply scan the codes using the app EYEJACK and watch the wall art come to life!